Fire Solutions: Questions & Answers

Q: Why do I need a kitchen fire suppression system as I have a state of the art fire alarm?

A: Inside and below the canopy there are no heat or smoke detectors or any other detectors in the extract ducting leading out from the canopy, therefore fire alarm has no way of detecting a fire as all the flames, fumes and air are getting pulled out from the effects of the fan.

Q: I have fire extinguishers, why do I need this system?

A: Kitchen fires are extremely fierce and very dangerous fires to try and fight even by the fire brigade. Equally, portable fire extinguishers cannot be used to fight a fire behind the filters and the ducting as the fire is invisible at this point.

Q: I have insurance which will cover me against fire damage.

A: If your insurance company finds out that you have not completed your fire risk assessment properly by not identifying the all the above risks they may well not pay out for your fire damage. But did you know that if you tell your insurance that you have a fire suppression system they may offer you a substantial discount on your premium and within a few years the system will pay for itself in savings alone.

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